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Hi, I am Tracy Fox. I am a NYU Certified Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author of Four Best Selling Books. For over 20 years I have consulted with clients all over the world. What sets me apart is my unique ability to get to the core issue in the very first session and provide you with step-by-step action plan for success. What other coaches can do in 8-12 months, I can do in 8-12 sessions. Breakthrough those obstacles to achieve maximum results for a Happy Self, a Happy Marriage & a Happy Work-Life.

Tracy Fox

Happy Clients

Don Griffin
Founder & CEO, West LA Music

“Tracy Fox is the perfect choice for corporate leaders. She has a proven ability critical to personal and business success.”

Vanessa LeFebvre
President, Lord & Taylor

“Tracy shares her simple strategies for living your best life and finding your happy self. A powerful presentation.”

Peter Cancro
Founder & CEO, Jersey Mike’s

“Tracy brings a refreshing and practical approach for a successful career and a happy personal life. She makes an impact.”

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Happy Self: A Three-Step Strategy To Elevate Your Inner Game

5 STAR reviews on AMAZON

Learn the secret to design, create and build the life you truly desire.

  1. Create A Foundation of Core Life Principles Based on Goals, Values and Purpose
  2. Set Yourself Up For Success Based On Who You Truly Are
  3. Connect To The Ultimate Power Source Thought Enriching Spiritual Practices

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Happy Work-Life: Learn To Thrive 9 To 5 and Beyond

5 STAR reviews on AMAZON

Yes, It is true. You can have an amazing career and a happy personal life too. In this book you will discover the 5 secrets for success to thrive nine to five and beyond.

  1. Live to your purpose and passion.
  2. Learn excellent time management.
  3. Invest in great relationships.
  4. Model what happy, successful people already do.
  5. Insist on serenity so you can unplug recharge and have fun.