For over 20 years, I  have been teaching successful Entrepreneurs, Educators, Corporate leaders, CEO’s, Elite Athletes and Artists  along with people from all walks of life how to create the life they desire.  I have a signature strategy and unique ability to create positive lasting change quickly. What a coach or therapist can do in 12 months, I can do in 12 weeks. I teach a simple process of overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviors to achiever greater success, efficient performance, better relationships, health, wealth and ultimately the peace, purpose and happiness we all seek both at work and in our personal lives too!

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Help a leader become

Intuitive self-awareness among leaders has a direct impact on organizational effectiveness and profitability.

Hone judgment skills

Successful people make endless different decisions a day.  We create a space to do that efficiently.

Coach for possibilities

Each leader is different. But they themselves are not aware of the potential.

Build more productive relationships

As leaders move up the corporate ladder, the work becomes less about activities. It becomes more about people management.

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“Tracy brings a refreshing and practical approach for a successful career and happy personal life.” – Peter Cancro, Founder of Jersey Mikes, Manasquan NJ


“Tracy shares her simple strategies for living your best life and finding your happy self.” – Vanessa LeFebvre, President of Lord and Taylor


“Tracy Fox is the perfect choice for assisting corporate leaders with life skills coaching and goal setting. Tracy has a unique and proven ability to identify opportunities and get straight to issues critical to personal and business success.” – Don Griffin, President of West LA Music – Los Angeles CA



“Sessions with Tracy Fox feature a utilization of time so efficient you find yourself wondering if you’ve gone through multiple sessions in one. Tracy is diligent, direct and pressing, all-the-while professional in her approach to extract from you the most deep-seated stagnations you either never knew were there or simply could not remove yourself. I give her an A+ when it comes to life coaching; be ready for a feeling of productive pain that will inspire you to improve in everything you do.” – Mike Evans, CEO, FullCourtPeace.Org

Tracy has this amazing ability to get right to the heart of what is slowing you down, making you less productive, and creating stress and anxiety for you. Her forward thinking and positive approach to handling any obstacle that you may face will have anyone who works with her feeling more productive, less stressed, and happier.   Tracy’s effective coaching will give you the results you are seeking and what is better, these results will come faster than you ever expect.  Trust the process and you will succeed.  I would highly recommend Tracy to my clients, my friends, and my family. – Aidan R. Welsh, divorce attorney and partner at Schoonmaker, George, Colin, Blomberg, Bryniczka & Welsh, PC – Greenwich, CT


“Powerful and impactful are two words that immediately come to mind after experiencing Tracy Fox’s presentation. Throughout the entire session the audience was engaged and transformed by the practical, useful and immediately applicable concepts that Tracy shared. Within a day of being a participant in her seminar I made some very positive decisions regarding my business and personal life that have been truly paying off. I reached out to her for some one on one coaching because I was so impressed with her insights. She is really very good at one-on-one as well. If you have opportunity to see Tracy Fox present and/or to engage her as a business/life coach, I would highly recommend her.” – Joy Baldridge, President Baldridge Seminars International


“As an institutional financial service executive I have seen Tracy work with professionals to identify areas of improvement (business and personal), construct a plan to take immediate one week steps for progress and then review that progress and implement a new revised short term plan. Tracy is a coach who gets results that change the quality of people’s lives by helping them address and solve challenges with a results based approach that is refreshing and effective. She is perfect for stressful trading and research professionals struggling to have rewarding work relationships, manage work performance and have a balanced home life.” – Steve Messina, President of Institutional Equity Trading and Research, MKM Partners, LLC Stamford CT

Working with Tracy is like having a secret weapon in my pocket.   She’s accessible, efficient, and dedicated. She reaches in to those hard-to-reach places, identifies the root of the problem, and then provides the right tools to straighten out the mess and move on.  Tracy’s questions are direct and thought provoking; they are the vehicle to which solutions are revealed.  By the end of each session, I have a step-by-step plan to implement into my work and or personal life.  Owning your own business comes with it’s own challenges, having your spouse as your business partner brings on a whole new layer of complexity, one that Tracy has helped me navigate with grace- I am eternally grateful. Tracy and I have never met face-to-face but I know she’s just a phone call away.  Working with Tracy has been, hands down, one of the best decisions of my career.” Sandy Schoettle – CEO, Sea Island Forge, Saint Simons GA

I was referred to Tracy at a difficult time in my job. She asked pointed questions and got straight to the root of my issues. She gave me the tools to navigate my way out and now with a new job I am so much happier! Challenges are still and will always be there but if my strategies are employed I know there will be a better ending. Thanks Tracy for your help and I am sure we will talk again! –Brian Gaffney, Golf Professional

“When it comes to coaching, Tracy Fox is the best. She is extremely dedicated and efficient in the way she delivers her coaching practice. Tracy is practical, serious, funny, smart, and tells you the way it is. All you have to do is set up the appointment, listen to what she tells you and follow through.” – Brooke Fairman, Director of Roger Williams Providence Zoo

“Tracy’s character is wonderfully accessorized by a very healthy sense of humor that allows delving into complex, controversial issues in a way that both enlightens and enlivens one’s spirit. I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend Tracy Fox Coaching” – Susan Langer, President – Live Give Save Inc.  Red Wing Minnesota

When I met Tracy I was overwhelmed both professionally and personally. She was able to accurately and quickly identify the issues, develop strategies, and hold me accountable.  I am a better leader and mom because of Tracy, she is nothing short of amazing!! Ashley Davis, President of Ocean Petroleum

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Tracy has also written a best selling book on Happy Work Life

Happy Work-Life: Learn To Thrive 9 To 5 and Beyond

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