A great marriage consists of two individuals that are willing to empower themselves first so they can empower their marriage. I meet separately with each spouse and we brainstorm on what specific strategies they can employ to ensure their marriage is the best it can be.
Clients learn skills and techniques that work!

Tracy Fox, top marriage coach in Darien Connecticut (Fairfield County), has developed a 10 Step Proprietary System As A Solution For Your Happy Marriage.

What Do I Specialize In?

top marriage coach therapist in Darien Connecticut CT Fairfield County1) Personal Growth for A Happy Self. Get Unstuck.  Together we create strategies to overcome Anger, Anxiety, Discouragement, Low Self Esteem, Negative Thinking, Distraction and Disorganization. Then we manifest an action based plan so you can live the life you were meant to enjoy.  Goal Setting, Homework, & Principles to Guide You.

2) Resolving Conflict for a Happy Marriage & Family. Tracy has personally put back together over 50 marriages that were on the edge of despair.  Together we brainstorm on the best communication styles and work together to create the happy home you and your children deserve.

3) Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life. Everyone one of us has hopes and dreams for a happy life.  It might be a new career, a small business, better friendships, a deeper relationship with God.  Tracy is an expert in helping you manifest the life you deserve to be living.

Results are immediate and clients are AMAZED at what they accomplish.

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